Recognizing Excellence: State Department Annual Awards 2014

Posted: 01:26 EST

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Ryan C. Crocker Award for Outstanding Leadership in Expeditionary Diplomacy | USCG Michael Dodman

For leadership at the U.S. Consul General in Karachi, “where he advanced U.S. goals in Pakistan while ensuring the safety and morale of his team.”

Michael Dodman_karachi

Michael Dodman, USCG Karachi, Pakistan | Photo by USCG Karachi/Flickr


Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Public Diplomacy | William B. Stevens

For “outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment in leading the Department’s Ukraine Communications Task Force to stem the tide of Russian propaganda.”

Will Stevens_Moscow

US Embassy Moscow Spokesman – Will Stevens | Photo via American Center Moscow


Sue M. Cobb Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service | Ambassador Susan D. Page

For “leading the U.S. Mission to South Sudan under extremely challenging circumstances” and advancing the president’s goal of a South Sudan “as a viable state at peace with itself and its neighbors.”

Ambassador Susan D. Page visited a water point and purification facility set up by Samaritan’s Purse, as part of a U.S government supported project to assist IDPs in Nimule. the water point is for the use of the host community in Nimule town and the IDPs who are living among them.  | Photo via US Embassy Juba/Flickr


The Robert C. Bannerman DS Employee of the Year Award went to Paul H. Davis for “leadership and initiative at the U.S. Consulate in Herat and for “improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Regional Security Office, defending the facility and its staff during the Sept. 13, 2013, terrorist attack and advancing U.S. diplomacy throughout western Afghanistan.”

The Leamon R. Hunt Award for Management Excellence went to Jason Evans for actions “during and after the terrorist attack against U.S. Consulate Herat on Sept. 13th, 2013, and his work throughout the year, including the implementation of an effective management platform in a remote warzone environment.”

The Robert C. Frasure Memorial Award went to Michael F. Bailey for demonstrating “outstanding initiative, leadership and perseverance in designing and standing up cessation of hostilities and monitoring mechanisms” that helped save lives in South Sudan.

The Barbara Watson Award for Consular Excellence went to Elizabeth E. Shackelford for “extraordinary dedication to protecting American citizens during the South Sudan Crisis in 2013 and 2014.” Her leadership and knowledge of consular policy and crisis planning helped “locate and evacuate over 790 endangered American citizens, legal permanent residents and others spread throughout South Sudan.”

Click below to read the full list of 40 awardees extracted from State Magazine (February 2015).  (Note: You’ve got to dig up the cable if you want to see the commendations for the folks who wrote the nominations. We heard that it’s quite a substantial list).