Whoa! What happened to the Anonymous FSO on Reddit?

Posted: 11:50 EST

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In February last year, we posted about an anonymous Foreign Service officer who got on Reddit, the “front page of the Internet” and did an AMAA  (Ask Me Almost Anything). (see IamA United States Diplomat: Anonymous FSO Gets on Reddit and He’s a Riot!). The photo of the dip passport is still up, the questions are still up but all the answers have been deleted.   And here I thought the State Department via careers.state.gov should have paid this guy’s overtime.

3 responses

  1. I only meant that the question seemed just a touch disingenuous. :p Shucks, we know there is no such thing as anonymity, and the fellow’s commentary was, perhaps, a bit too lively and on point for total comfort. I hope he has enough friends to pull through without harm.