4,000th! And now, the end is near …

— Domani Spero
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This is our 4,000th blogpost. A prodigious ‘bloggers in pajama’ project, huh?  These posts accounted for tons of words over the the last seven years, and if this were a printed journal, it would require a wheelbarrow. We wish we could  stay and dance but we have some sad news (or happy news depending on your perspective). We’re sorry to report that it looks like the blog won’t get to its 5,000th post.

We’ve worked hard the last several months,with only minor success, to find grants, direct ads, and/or sponsors for Diplopundit . A couple of commercial entities pledged to sponsor us for 2015. And, a prospective private donor, who certainly does not agree with all our viewpoints but thinks our absence would eliminate a much needed voice for Foreign Service accountability, has committed to supporting the blog (Thanks!). Those contributions would total approximately $10K,  but that is far short of the amount we need to stay online.

Truth to tell, we  kind of suck at raising money, so political bundling definitely will not/not be in our future. We’re also apparently, not very good at making friends with the “right” people. Just for the record, we’re actually quite nice and do not bite. The blog sometimes gets bitey though, but always within reason, and never with viral polioencephalitis, but … can you blame folks for slamming their doors on the “darn blog?”

Is this the end?  Perhaps this is just the universe telling your blogger to go take a hike because there’s something just as interesting down the road!  To blog pals and supporters offering to contribute to a crowdfunding, thank you all. It probably will not be surprising to you that the number of our blog supporters and funders is a distinct minority in the universe of this blog’s total readers. We tried crowdfunding for 2014 but we’re not looking at doing it again; it would make walking away simply harder.  For those who send donations every month, kindly please make arrangements to cancel your automated contributions.  To the blog angels who are still trying to locate funding for this blog even at this late hour, we are grateful for your tireless efforts. Thank you.

Not sure yet when will be our last blog post but it will be later this month. If anything dramatic changes, we will post an update. If we win the lottery, and are able to save the blog, you’ll be the first to know!

Please enjoy the fantastic Ed Sheeran and the blog’s remaining days.

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11 responses

  1. First time I’m using my real name to comment here: I’ll pledge $250. I’m sure I can find Susan Johnson’s contact info in the GAL to coordinate sending her a check to bundle.

  2. Jim and all, I have started the bundling operation and we have five responses in already @ $250 each. With your pledge, we are at $1500. Stay tuned. Maybe Diplopundit fans are procrastinators but will come through. Nothing like collective action!

  3. Too valuable not to try to keep you “on the air”. Pledging $500 and please consider a daily count down showing you readers how much you have in pledges or sponsorships and how much more is needed to reach your minimum goal! I am pretty sure that at least another dozen will pledge $250 or more! Diplopundit deserves recognition for sustained excellence in covering issues of importance to the Foreign Service and Department of State contributing to better informed readers inside and outside the a Foreign Service? Kudos! SRJ

  4. So sad to hear you are closing. There is a dearth of what you do and I, for one, have valued it enormously. Also appreciated, and reciprocated, with the occasional tweet/Facebook posting. Sorry to see it go.