Burn Bag: CG Sighting! CG Sighting! Near Window #36, the Consular Section, Now!

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“The CG [consul general] of our very large consular section was recently on leave for several weeks, not that anybody noticed.  She interacts with her staff so rarely that we’ve begun to make jokes about “CG sightings” in the consular section (Note:  she’s up to six after a year here).  Apparently, however, this was simply too much interaction and she has convinced CA [Consular Affairs] to create a Deputy CG position.  Huh?”

via reactiongifs.com

via reactiongifs.com

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    • Thanks for the link. Don’t know if it’s the same case, burn bag authors are not identified to this blog. Should note that the Tel Aviv report you linked to is from 2011, and the individual who went on extensive leave in that report is an NIV chief not the CG.