Attention Would-be Ambassadors! No One Is Getting Out of D.C. Tonight, Courtesy of Sen. Enzi — Opps! Wait …

— Domani Spero
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Updated at 8:05 PST

Well, it looks like the Senator from Wyoming changed his mind quickly on the Tefft nomination. Besides Ambassador Tefft, no other State Department nominee made it out of the Senate tonight. The world’s most deliberative body did successfully name a building and a station before it adjourned for the evening.


* * *


The distingtingtingtinguished  Republican Senator Mike Enzi (the one who’s not fishing buddies with Wyoming’s you know who) just made sure that no one can schedule or start any pack-out tonight.  Not even John Tefft who was expected to be swiftly confirmed for his post at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.  Perhaps the majority will bring this up again tomorrow before the senators go on recess but right now, no one is going anywhere. Until when, we don’t know. Maybe we’ll know more tomorrow.


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