Photo of the Day: Another Year, Another Research Season In Brrrrr-Freeze Antarctica

Via US Embassy NZ

“Each September since 1955 the United States has loaded our planes with scientists, support personnel, cargo, and Kiwi friends and flown south from Christchurch to restart, restaff, and restock full operations at the permanent stations on the Ice after being manned through the long, unforgiving Antarctic winter by skeleton crews. The austral summer research season is a massive, complex enterprise which just in the past ten years has involved flying more than 600 American missions to transport more than 45,000 passengers and about 50 million pounds of equipment and supplies.”

— Ambassador David Huebner

Read more here.  Slideshow includes shots of Mt. Erebus, the second highest volcano in Antarctica and the southernmost active volcano on earth. It last erupted in 2011.  Click here to see the Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory (MEVO) online.


Photos via US Embassy New Zealand/Flickr

Well, hello there!
Photos by USAF Major Jason De Kruyf via US Embassy New Zealand/Flickr
(click on image for a slideshow)

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