American Ambassador Finds New Love in the Philippines

— By Domani Spero

We’re late on this. Apparently, this past summer it was really big news in the Philippines that the American Ambassador was swept off his feet by a Philippine beauty. Manila Mail asks, Is US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas, Jr. in love with a dusky, voluptuous Filipina with a tattoo?  And made headlines like these:

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Below an excerpt via Philippine Star:

MANILA, Philippines – Moved by “personal and professional relationships,” US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. said that his three-year stay in the Philippines was made more memorable and blessed when he was accepted by the family of his Filipina girlfriend.

“I am very blessed to be accepted by the entire Aquino family. Nanay (mother) and Tatay (father) are very nice to me. My heart is always there for her. I don’t want to answer tsismis (gossips). I don’t want to talk about her life, but I would say that I am blessed to be with her. I am blessed to know her and I am blessed to be accepted by all the members of the Aquino family and by all the Filipinos,” said Thomas, referring to relatives of his girlfriend Mithi Aquino.

“Having stayed in the country for three years made me realize that the Philippines and the Filipino people are great,” Thomas said in an interview last Tuesday night at Intercontinental Hotel in Makati where he and Vice President Jejomar Binay attended a testimonial dinner to celebrate Philippine-American friendship day.

Thomas, who was divorced from his wife while posted in Manila, met Mithi, a human resources specialist, on board a cruise ship.

At the time, Mithi was giving a training course for the cruise ship’s staff and crew.

Thomas had just gotten his divorce when he met Mithi who grew up in Mindanao but graduated from the Manila Central University in Caloocan City.

She is reportedly accompanying Thomas when he leaves for the US after his tour of duty in the Philippines.

Last month, the ambassador also gave an interview to a local press: For the first time, Harry Thomas talks about his ladylove.  According to Philippine press clips, he was previously married to jazz singer Ericka Ovette.

It looks like Ambassador Thomas is still in the Philippines but already listed as Diplomat in Residence for the Southwest.  He will be posted at Arizona State University – Phoenix.  His successor at US Embassy Manila, Ambassador Philip Goldberg, until recently A/S to State/INR, had his nomination hearing at the SFRC last month.