Snapshot: FY2012 Total Consular Fees Collected and Allocated — $3.1 Billion

Via State/OIG:

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 7.55.17 PM

The above pie chart shows the breakdown of the $3.1 billion total consular fees collected and allocated in FY 2012: Treasury, $688,340,000; Consular Affairs, $1,528,382,881; Other Fees- Diversity Visa and Affidavit of Support, $37,000,000; IT Central Fund-Passport Expedite, $184,875,653; Resource Management-American Salaries, $433,508,000; Foreign Service Institute-Consular Training, Conferences, and Workshops, $7,054,000; OBO-Residential Leases and Facilities, $205,394,500; Bureau of Administration-Domestic Facility Operations, $120,674,000; Diplomatic Security-Guards at Passport Agencies and Visa and Passport Investigations, $59,915,000; Prior Year Carryover Impact, $267,866,653; Information Resource Management-Systems Technology to Support CLASS/Namechecks, $21,800,000; Regional Bureaus-Overseas Program Support, $122,092,619.