HFAC Chairman Ed Royce Demands Explanation Over Alleged Misconduct and Interference of DSS Investigations

— By Domani Spero

U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, demanded an explanation from Secretary of State John Kerry regarding allegations of misconduct within the State Department and interference by senior State Department officials in the subsequent investigations.

“I am deeply troubled by the allegations made in a recent CBS News story that senior State Department officials prevented the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) from investigating reports of administrative and criminal misconduct within the Department.  This story further alleged that the Department’s Office of Inspector General produced an October 2012 memorandum that contained eight specific instances in which DSS investigations were “influenced, manipulated, or simply called off.” 

Congressman Royce writes that in light of the possibility that the Department interfered with the independence of DSS investigations, he asked that Secretary Kerry provide the House Foreign Affairs Committee staff with a briefing as soon as possible and answer the following questions in writing:

1.      Did any State Department official instruct the Diplomatic Security Service not to pursue any of the eight cases identified in the October 2012 OIG memorandum?

2.      If so, please indentify the individual(s) and the nature of their influence on these DSS investigations.

3.      Has the Department taken any actions in response to either the OIG February 2013 Inspection report and/or the CBS News report?  If so, please detail them.

Please also produce all documents and communications referring and/or relating to the eight cases cited by the October 2012 OIG memorandum.

The congressional request comes with a deadline no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 25, 2013.

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2013 AFSA Election Results: 3,505 Out of 16,000+ Members Voted, Plus Vote Count By Candidate

—By Domani Spero

In 2009, AFSA had 13,905 dues-paying members and 23.91% of the membership voted.  In the 2011 election,  the AFSA website indicates dues-paying members of over 15,000.   Only about 17% of the members voted in that 2011 DOL-OLMS-supervised election.  As of 2012, AFSA has about 16,000 dues-paying members and about 22% of the members cast their ballots this year.

Retired Ambassador R.W. “Bill” Farrand, the Chairman of the AFSA Committee on Elections announced the results of the 2013-2015 AFSA Governing Board election. A total of 3,505 ballots were received of which 3,502 were valid (3 were voided due to irregularities). The following AFSA members have been elected:

Officer Positions on the Board

President:  Robert Silverman, 2,841 votes

Treasurer: Charles A. Ford, 2,918 votes

Secretary: Robert F. Ritchie, 2,868 votes

Retiree Vice President: Lawrence Cohen, 849 votes

State Vice President: Matthew Asada, 1,016 votes

Gregory Hicks, 919

Donald Moore, 112

USAID Vice President: Sharon Wayne, 187 votes

FCS Vice President: Steve Morrison, 69 votes.

FAS Vice President: David Mergen, 37 votes.

Via afsa.org

Via afsa.org

Constituency Representatives of the Board

Retiree Representatives (4 vacancies):

Marshall Adair, 630 votes

Tex Harris, 595 votes

Edward Marks, 452 votes

David Greenlee, 406 votes

Barry Friedman, 378 votes

Chris O’Donnell, 337 votes

Stephen Keat, 321 votes

Leon Weintraub, 311 votes

State Representatives (11 vacancies):

Lillian Wahl-Tuco, 1,145 votes

Sue Saarnio, 1,124 votes

Nancy Rios-Brooks, 1,105 votes

Clayton Bond, 1,098 votes

Elise Mellinger, 1,065 votes

Ken Kero-Mentz, 1,001 votes

Michael D. Thomas, 977 votes

Everett “Alex” Copher, 962 votes

Todd Crawford, 946 votes

Chuck Fee, 940 votes

David Zwach, 899 votes

Tim Corso, 858 votes

David Jea, 838 votes

Andrew Burton, 824 votes

Ken Reiman, 749 votes

USAID Representatives (2 vacancies):

Jason Singer, 164 votes

Second Rep – To Be Determined

There are two USAID Representative positions.  The second Representative position will be determined by write-in votes.  It will require some time to contact those receiving write-in votes to determine their eligibility and interest.  The winner of the second USAID representative position will be announced as soon as possible.

FCS Representative:

Barbara Lapini, 66 votes

FAS Representative:

Rachel Nelson, 11 write-in votes

IBB Representative:

Andre de Nesnera, 4 votes

APHIS Representative:

No eligible write-ins; the new Governing Board will appoint an eligible APHIS Representative.