Video of the Week: Where are you from? Where are you really from? No, where are your people really from?

— By Domani Spero

Here is a video that’s making the rounds asking “What kind of Asian are you?”  If you’re married to a foreign born spouse, some of these may sound familiar. If you are in the FS posted in a host country where Americans are still stereotyped as cast members from Baywatch, you may get this in reverse.

The video shows a white man who asks an Asian woman out on a jog where she’s from. “Your English is perfect.”

The woman deadpans, “San Diego, we speak English there.” Then the man wants to know where her “people” are really from. She says her grandmother is from South Korea.

Later, the woman turns the tables. She asks the man where he’s from.

“I’m just American,” he says.

“So you’re Native American,” she responds.

“No, just regular American,” he answers, but added that his grandparents are from England.

The woman then jumps into her best British accent.

“Beware Jack the Ripper! ………….. Bloody hell!” she yells.

She calms down to compliment him, “I think your people’s fish and chips are amazing,”

The man says she is weird, the woman answers, “Must be a Korean thing.”