Snapshot: State Dept Discrimination and Reprisal Complaints FY2008-FY2013

The Notification and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation (No FEAR) Act requires that federal agencies post on their public web sites certain statistical data summary relating to equal employment opportunity complaints filed against the respective agencies.  The Act will be 10 years old on October 1, 2013.

The State Department posted its statistical information in accordance with the No FEAR Act here. Below is a snapshot of complaints by basis during the last five fiscal years and the first quarter of FY2013. Note that in FY2012, complaints on reprisal rank #1, with race, sex and age tied at #2 and disability at #3. During the first quarter of FY2013, complaints on reprisal is already on the lead.

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This, of course, only include cases of complaints actually filed. Complaints taken but filed or lost in a filing cabinet are not included in the count.

Another striking thing with the statistical data is that non-sexual (hostile work environment) harassment by far registered the most number of complaints by issue in fiscal year 2012. Is that surprising to you?  See more here.






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  1. how many of these cases have been solved? It is my observation that management I e Patrick Kennedy’s office, controls the process and many people who file against management do not get heard.

      • What is the point on issuing a report on the complaints if you don’t have to report on the conclusions? Colin Powell was the last Secretary who asked that employees complaints be processed and that the results be reported back to him.

        • AJ – I have not read the regs for this, but I am presuming that the stats is required, the disposition of the complaints, not. Whether or not the SoS office is interested in drilling down the numbers depends on the the priorities of secretary. And if he/she is surrounded by good news guys only, well then who’s going to talk about complaints …