Zombies Invade Reykjavik or What Are You Doing With Young Zombies in Your Host Country

Via US Embassy Reykjavik:

The U.S. Embassy, Skjárinn and BíóParadís cooperated to present a zombie party and special screening of the first episode of Season 3 of the U.S. television series The Walking Dead. Ambassador Arreaga and other embassy staff joined a large group of zombie enthusiasts who organized a “Zombie Walk” from Hlemmur to BioParadis. At BioParadis, the ambassador presented awards to the Best Dressed, Bloodiest and Scariest zombies.

Photo via US Embassy Iceland/FB

Ambassador Arreaga during the zombie walk; see, even zombies need eyeglasses!
Photo via US Embassy Iceland/FB

Ambassador Arreaga in his non-zombie get-upPhoto via US Embassy Iceland/FB

Ambassador Arreaga in his professional get-up before his brain was eaten by zombies
Photo via US Embassy Iceland/FB

More photos of Zombies Invade Reykjavik (46 photos).  Ambassador Arreaga also posted about the zombie incident on his blog here.

“In one of the more unusual and perhaps the most fun activities in my foreign service career, Mary and I joined a group of Icelandic zombies on a “walk” from the Hlemmur bus station to Bíó Paradís where we had a chance to watch the first chapter of the third season of “The Walking Dead” a highly successful American television series.”

The event was held by the embassy for a group of young Icelandic zombies in partnership with SkjárEinn, cable television provider of the show, and Bíó Paradís, an independent cinema in downtown Reykjavik.

It looks like they had fun! But think about that for a moment. The targeted demographics are young Icelandic zombies.  Now, the next ALDAC cable going out of Foggy Bottom will be asking this question:  What are you doing with the young zombies in your host country? We hope you have a handy response.