Blogging maybe sporadic for a while ….

…. because as the cliché goes, when it rains, it pours.  Some personal issues to attend to at the moment …. will be updating the blog  as often as I’m able but may not be writing daily.

Shocking that even for a denizen of the blogosphere stuff happens?  Yeah, and they’re not always the fun kind; but it is what it is…

Take care,

—> DS





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    • Thanks dear Becky, I appreciate your note. Been a tough couple of weeks and there is a possible resolution down the road, just hard not to be able to race to that point quickly.

  1. Your deserved hiatus will mean starting the day with a different reading list. You’ll be missed. Hope all things right themselves.

  2. Enjoy your time off.
    However I’m still waiting for a way to contact you via email
    with a specific question

    • S. Law,
      Thanks for your note. Just things that can’t be put off right now. BTW, you may send me an email via contactify anytime. Link is right under the blog banner for “contact.”