Free Online Class on Coursera: Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning

This might be of interest to our regular readers but may be particularly helpful to State’s EFMs and third culture spouses.  Coursera is offering a 7-week long online course on financial planning for free.

About the Course | This course was created to help those who cannot afford extensive planning assistance better understand how to define and reach their financial goals. It provides basic understanding so informed decisions can be made. The course can also be seen as a reference for individual topics that are part of personal financial planning.

Course Syllabus

Week One: Where Are You? Where Are You Going?
Week Two: Taxes
Week Three: Defense — Insurance
Week Four: Investing
Week Five: Funding Retirement
Week Six: Doing the Math and Making Reasonable Assumptions;
Week Seven: Estate Planning

The course is taught by Avi Pai, CFP®, CRPC®, AIF® , a Managing Partner and a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner with the Irvine office of Provence Wealth Management Group (LPL Financial).  The class started on Jan 14 so you can still catch up.  Sign up here.

This course is offered by Coursera, a start-up in the fast-evolving arena of free online college courses.  Check it out.


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    Excellent course on the fundamentals of personal financial planning… There is a lot I already know about finances (or think I know) but I’m going to sign up anyway and write a review after the course to let you readers know if Coursera delivered.