Snapshot: State Department’s Permanent Workforce Demographics

Via State Magazine, January 2013:


In the same article where the above stats is extracted, the Office of Civil Rights says that “the Department
wants its workforce to reflect the diversity of the country we represent to the world.”  It also reports the EEO complaints for fiscal year 2012:

Formal complaints: 133

Top three protected bases:
reprisal (57), race (40) and sex (38)

Top three issues:
non-sexual hostile work environment (51)
performance evaluation/appraisal (19)
promotion/non-selection (18)

Findings of discrimination: 3

And — to State Department-affinity groups who requested the demographic stats from DG/HR and are repeatedly told that this is not available, you’ve got one stop if DG/HR would not budge – the  Office of Civil Rights, S/OCR, Room 7428, Department of State, Washington, DC 20520; Email: Tel: (202) 647-9295 or (202) 647-9294, Fax: (202) 647-4969.  An executive agency’s workforce demographics is not protected, secret information and should be public record, good grief!

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