Burn Bag Submissions Accepted: Because It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

We have started a new “Burn Bag” on this blog’s left sidebar, because well, to borrow an FS blogger’s excuse, it is cheaper than therapy. We were actually fascinated with PostSecret but that’s already taken.  So…

Besides, how do you mail a secret post card through your pouch or APO/FPO mail without the embassy mail clerk reading your post card?  That will be exceptionally hard.


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Anyway, we came up with our own “Burn Bag” corner.

A burn bag, as you may or may not know is an informal name given to a paper bag or some other waste container that holds sensitive or classified documents which are to be destroyed by fire.

Um, nooooo, we’re not talking about national security secrets in our burn bag corner, so banish that thought!

We’re talking about “I’m feeling blue, I want to scream” things that you can’t even put on your blog or tell your friends because — admit it, you live in a very large fishbowl.

And because we want to help you preserve your anonymity, here are some helpful tips if you want to contribute to the “Burn Bag.”

    • Use this Contactify link to send us an email. Do not repeat do not give us your real name, or real email (xxx@noemail.com works). We don’t want to know.  But do include “burn bag” on the subject line. Contactify forwards the email to our designated email address.
    • Another option is to send us your submission via AnonEmail run by Anonymouse.org. You may address it to: burnbag[at]nyms[dot]net. You do not need to provide an email address but we request that you include “Burn Bag” on the subject field to help us sort it out from our regular mail.  Note that your anonymous e-mail will also be randomly delayed up to 12 hours.
    • Submissions cannot have personally identifiable information for obvious reasons. Text submission should be succinct and brief. We’re flexible with length but think not much longer than tweets. If you decide to send a digital image, please make it no larger than the equivalent pixels for a 5×7 image.
    • By submitting information to the “Burn Bag” corner, you grant us the right to use the information at our sole discretion without compensation or additional permission. We also reserve the right to select, reject, edit or arrange submissions at our sole discretion.

That’s it. Surprise us!

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Updated on April 17 to clarify mandatory anonymity for submissions.

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