Dear Diplopundit Readers — Thank You!

We’ve concluded our Dec 3-9 “help fund this blog” campaign yesterday.  While we did not set any goal and did not really know how our readers would respond, we were pleasantly surprised by your generous donation and warm notes of encouragement and affection.

Thank you for being part of a great community of donors who support this blog.  With your help, the elves will be able to send us a snazzy blogmachine this year.  And while we may not be able to totally dodge the bullet in the foreseeable future, this is the real job we have for now until we’re dragged away to, you know …. or until the Mayan prediction proves true.

We are delighted to hear that you hold us with “extreme affection,” that you take your morning coffee with a dash of Diplopundit, that this blog is valued by many readers with big hearts. Thank you.

Thank you, too, to our steadfast supporters who sent regular donations even when we were not running our campaign. You know who you are and we appreciate your guardian wings.

Namaste – नमस्ते be well, and may you enjoy the best breath of life!

domani spero sig