Gangnam Style Intern Flash “Mob” Invades US Embassy Seoul, Then Psy Shows Up

The Gangnam Style video by South Korean rapper Psy has been viewed over 480,000,000 million times on YouTube as of October 17, 2012.  So sorry did not get to see Ambassador Kim as the first Gangnam Style Ambassador but at least he got a “mob” of interns willing to do the dance. Check below at the 00:20 – 1:00 mark, where I would have chopped this video off:

And then what do you know?  Psy stopped by at the US Embassy in Seoul “on a visa matter.”  Well, not on the same day.  Ambassador Kim blogs that “Psy keeps getting asked to perform in the U.S.  The wonderful side effect is that we occasionally get to see him at the U.S. Embassy.”


US Ambassador to Seoul Sung Kim with Psy
(Photo via US Embassy/FB)

That’s Psy without his blue jacket and eyeglasses and no crazy horse riding dance this time.  Psy reportedly got an “O” visa for “aliens of extraordinary ability.”  And like all visa applicants, he was interviewed, fingerprinted and had a chit-chat with the ambassador.  🙂

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  1. Too funny about Psy and frequent trips to the U.S. Must share this with my teenager…oh, if only we were posted in Seoul…I could see her hanging out at the Embassy just to catch a glimpse. And, of course, having her 4 year old brother do his version of the dance….