Photo of the Day: Ragaei Abdelfattah, Coming Home

We posted this last month: US Mission Afghanistan: USAID Officer Ragaei Abdelfattah, Four Others Killed, Two Wounded in Suicide Attack in Kunar. We just found this photo today:

A U.S. Marine Corps carry team transfers the remains of Department of State Foreign Service Officer, Mr. Ragaei Abdelfattah, of Annapolis, Maryland, at Dover Air Force Base, on August 12, 2012. Abdelfattah, a USAID officer, was killed in a suicide bomb attack in Konar province, on August 8, 2012. (U.S. Air Force photo/Roland Balik)

The two men in black suits in the photo above are identified elsewhere as USAID’s Deputy Administrator Donald Steinberg and U.S. Department of State Under Secretary Patrick F. Kennedy.

According to WaPo, Ragaei Abdelfattah, a naturalized American who originally came from Egypt was a former master planner for Prince George’s County and was on his second tour for USAID.

Abdelfattah, 43, was on his second voluntary tour as a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Agency for International Development, a job that took him to eastern Afghanistan to partner with local officials to establish schools and health clinics and to deliver electricity.
Abdelfattah was born in Giza and grew up in Cairo, where he studied architecture at Ain Shams University. He worked in urban planning and ecotourism development in Egypt and led a project for the U.N. Development Program before arriving in America shortly before Sept. 11, 2001.

Read more about him here.

Rest in peace Ragaei Abdelfattah.

Domani Spero