Ambassador Kristie Kenney on the Runway at Bangkok International Fashion Fair

She did it again! Our Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney was the original dancing ambassador when she was posted in the Philippines.  Then others followed.  She may be the first U.S. Ambassador-designate to send a video greeting to her country of assignment while she was still in Washington, D.C.. something that has now become a trend.  She moved to Thailand and later did a parachute jump. Our ambassador to Paris followed with a parachute jump during D-Day celebration.

Have you ever seen a U.S. ambassador on a fashion runway? We haven’t until Kristie Kenney walked the runway in Bangkok. Not the first time she’s done a fashion show though, as she had previously done the eco-fashion show with a cute garb designed by the embassy’s information management team.  Who’s next?

Via Ambassador Kenney’s blog:

No, I am NOT trying out a new career. I am guest modeling at a show of Active Wear by New York designer, Anthony Lilore. Anthony is joining the Bangkok International Fashion Fair with his collection of super comfortable clothes all made from sustainable, organic products.

Ambassador Kristie Kenney on the runway (Photo from US Embassy Bangkok/Tumblr)

After the fashion show, Anthony stayed on to talk about fashion trends, what inspires him to design and to discuss opportunities to study fashion design in the USA.

Did I have fun? Yes. Although walking down a large flight of stairs in front of a lot of cameras isn’t so easy, even in super comfortable yoga wear. The real models had to hustle to change clothes quickly backstage. They also had to make sure they got all the details of each outfit just right. I just wore one outfit and the designer himself told me how he wanted it worn so it was much easier. I’ll stick to diplomacy as a career!

More photos available here via Facebook.

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