US Embassy Nigeria Restricts Movement of American Personnel

On June 23, the US Embassy in Nigeria issued an emergency message to American citizens in Abuja regarding the restrictions of movement of official and diplomatic U.S. personnel:

In light of recent security warnings, continued states of emergency and curfews in the North, and the overnight (June 22/23) explosion of an IED planted by a tree in front of Hanan Plaza opposite Krystal Lounge in Abuja, all official and diplomatic American personnel are restricted from going to all commercial establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, bars, shopping malls, place of worship, and places of social gatherings.  All such personnel are also restricted from movement in the evening hours. These restrictions will remain in effect until Monday June 25th, 2012, at which time the Embassy will reevaluate the situation.

All American citizens are reminded that this year, extremists have attacked many targets, killing and injuring hundreds of people.  They have targeted churches, mosques, media houses, police stations, immigration and customs offices, financial institutions, markets, state government offices, beer gardens, and nightclubs.  Attackers have also burned and destroyed several public and private schools in Borno and targeted several educational institutions in Kano and churches in Plateau, Bauchi, Kaduna, Niger, and Borno states.

Kidnapping is another common tactic extremists use to instill fear and promote extremist goals. In recent months three Western expatriates kidnapped earlier in the year were killed by extremists in the North. In addition, Nigerian security personnel in the Federal Capital Territory have been reassigned from crime prevention to other security- related assignments.

Domani Spero