Video of the Week: Secretary Clinton Dons Wild-Cat Eye Glasses for Mike Hammer’s Swearing In

On June 21, Secretary Clinton sworn in Mike Hammer, the new Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the Ben Franklin Room at the State Department.

The State Department only released one photo, and no video of the swearing-in. Full text of her remarks is here.  Read it just to see the Who’s Who in Mike Hammer’s career.  Secretary Clinton certainly looks like she’s having fun, and quite ready for her next endeavors outside The Building.

State Department photo by Michael Gross

Domani Spero



2 responses

  1. Cute, but where is our vacuous SecState on the undeclared war by Holder, et al, on the people of Mexico? HUndreds of Mexicans have been murdered thanks to the weapons deliberately supplied by DOJ/ATF to gangs in Mexico. No State position on that? No demand for Holder’s head? No resigning in protest?

    • Obviously not. Makes you wonder what the then Chief of Mission at the US Embassy Mexico knew about this? Was he kept in the dark or did he lose that battle, too, like Ambassador Munter in Pak?