A Tanka for Our Times: War Zone Rooftop Sexcapade

Most of us following the news presumably remember that the video footage now called  Collateral Murder by WikiLeaks was taken by a military helicopter. While we are not aware of a video footage of a particular rooftop escapade ((h/t to Publius) which occurred in one of our war zones, we would not be shocked out of our gray cells if one exist.

Anyway, April is also our National Poetry Month. So you’ll have to make do with this, our faithful contribution to war zone literature in honor of poetry month. Below in one of our favorite Japanese poetry forms,  is a tanka following the 5-7-5-7-7 pattern (well, almost); and our poor attempt at adhering to the form.

Painting from Manafi al-Hayawan (The Useful An...

Painting from Manafi al-Hayawan (The Useful Animals), depicting Adam and Eve. From Maragh in Mongolian Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One spring day, in an
Ultra-sober, foreign space
Lone wolf Adam X
Was caught shagging Ms. Eve on
A rooftop in a war zone

Caught in broad daylight
On roof of Building Alpha
By an Apache
Damn military helo
Called it in to HQ Stop

Thus tryst disrupted
In rooftop heaven, get off
They were told, and back
To earth, word spread like wildfire
Licking hootches, offices

Adam X and Ms
Followed by weeks on fire
Should have been Breaking
News, except — that spring there was
Even Bigger Breaking News

In broad war zone light
Dying and shagging, excused
Why not, life is short!
In dark foreign spaces, men
In full waits, ready to pounce

It’s not our business what goes on inside the bedrooms, but by golly, on the rooftop?  As our favorite Captain Reynolds would say, “Holy testicle Tuesday!”

We do not consider ourselves prudish, but we’d feel more comfortable if our higher office candidates are better vetted, zippered up outside the bedrooms, and what is it they used to say in the old days? — do not dip their pens in the company’s inkwell.

Frankly, shagging a co-worker on the rooftop  of the “mothership” in broad daylight, in the middle of a shooting war,  where work is 24/7, with the helicopter’s camera possibly rolling does not really reflect good judgment, discretion or self-control.  Not even if/when it happens during coffee break — because you gotta be nuts!?!!  That coffee is boiling hot and the Ministry of Whatever in Planet Pluto will have your — well, some precious part of you in a wringer … sometime sooner, sometime later ….

Domani Spero