State Dept’s New Cartoon Spotlights Iran’s Online Censorship

The State Department recently started promoting its new cartoon called “Behind the Electronic Curtain” highlighting online censorship in Iran. It promoted the video on Twitter in English, Chinese, Farsi and Arabic with the hashtag #ConnectIran It has yet to catch fire.

Here is the official blurb:

In his March 20 Nowruz message to the Iranian people, President Obama said “the United States will continue to draw attention to the electronic curtain that is cutting the Iranian people off from the world. And we hope that others will join us in advancing a basic freedom for the Iranian people: the freedom to connect with one another, and with their fellow human beings.” Please watch an animated video highlighting how the Electronic Curtain isolates the Iranian people from the world.

In late 2011, the State Department rolled out its Virtual US Embassy Tehran. It was blocked by Iranian authorities within hours of its launch.  ABC News reported that the English and Farsi versions went live at 6a Eastern time and by 5pm both were blocked inside Iran.  Iran will either block this cartoon or will put out its own version.

In related news, the State Department Persian spokesperson, Alan Eyre was recently interviewed by a conservative Iranian website, only to have the interview pulled down following official criticism and condemnation. Radio Free Europe quotes Iran Culture Ministry’s statement of April 4 saying that there was no justification for the Alef website to allow what it called a U.S. “intelligence officer” the opportunity to respond to questions from Iranians.

These online skirmishes will continue until the warmongers get their way and start yet another war.

This is absolutely not related, but I was watching for the nth time Woodstein in All the President’s Men and was reminded again of a cartoon that once reportedly inhabited a White House wall that reads, “When you’ve got ’em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”  Sure, and then they shoot our soldiers in the head when they’re not looking.