Video of the Week: Please Help Hannah

h/t to Jennifer Santiago and Cupcake Diplomacy:

If the video doesn’t play, click here and view in YouTube.

Here’s how to make a leave donation (Via Cupcake Diplomacy: less guns, more butter):

State Department Employees:

Email, fax, or mail form DS-1862 (found via intranet) to the address found in the leave donation request announcement found here. [Note: you must be able to access DoS intranet for this link to work]

Employees of other federal agencies:

Fill out form OPM 630b and then have someone from your agency’s HR sign and date the bottom part of the form.  You’ll need the name of the State Department contact in HR as well as some info about Hannah, but I’d rather not have that just floating around the internet so please email me at cupcakediplomacy AT gmail DOT com and I will get you the necessary info ASAP.

Related items you may need:

OPM: Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

Form OPM 630b (PDF)

3 FAM 3340 Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (For State’s Foreign Service and Civil Service Employees)

Please help if you can. Thank you!

Domani Spero

2 responses

  1. Wow…thank you for spreading the word about Hannah. Every little bit of leave helps and hopefully we can get enough people to donate that she’ll be taken care of. 🙂