Pirates Hijack DiploPundit – Need Drones Now, Please – What’s Next?

Now isn’t this just straight up highway robbery in the internet super highway or the equivalent of piracy in the Gulf of Aden?  Did not even invite me to the launch party.  May I please borrow some drones, pretty please?

Google is trying to resolve this issue, in the meantime, I’ve been wrestling with the following:

A– blog on or quit? I’m not playing chicken with content thieves but it’s kinda exhausting going hand to hand combat with pirates, especially if you have to cook dinner, do laundry, coach my Geo Bee winner for next elimination, look for a paying job, read up, do research, write stuff, or have hand to hand combat with Blogger pirates, um …. did I mention pirates already?

B– blog on but move elsewhere? Thinking …. thinking … maybe WordPress.com which is free but has less flexibility or WordPress.org which has more functionality and quite gorgeous but cost $$$. If you want to help me move to new digs at WordPress, let me know.

C– blog on but transition to a subscription service only? I hate subscription service; I had a few for a while but that did not last very long. So there … probably not the best idea, nor most popular option. My heart is not in it, so it’s not a real option.

D– look for a blog sugar daddy to underwrite the whole enterprise? Newt has a superPAC sugar daddy, why can’t I have a blog sugar daddy?! Of course, I can’t promise you the moon.

E– blog out and just die? Over 2500 published posts …maybe it’s time to hang up the blogging hat and try something new?  Like, I don’t know — maybe a bodice ripper best seller?

I will be off the grid for a few days, doing some serious thinking and consulting …

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