Have something to say on FS family member employment? Deadline Jan. 31

Foreign Service JournalImage via WikipediaVia AFSA:

The April issue of the Foreign Service Journal will examine how Foreign Service spouses, partners and family members go about finding meaningful employment overseas, both inside diplomatic missions and elsewhere.  We want to hear from AFSA members on the extent to which the State Department, USAID and other foreign affairs agencies facilitate those efforts, and are especially interested in your success stories. Please tell us how you got that great job and offer tips for other FS family members in the job market.

Journalist Shawn Zeller (szeller@cq.com), who has done similar investigative reporting for us in the past, will be writing the lead article, an overview of the subject.  Toward that end, he would like to hear from FS personnel and family members who wish to comment on these issues.  (While we strongly prefer that responses be on the record, due to the potential sensitivity of the topic Shawn is willing to use material on background.) Alternatively, members are welcome to submit short (1,000-1,500 words) standalone articles on aspects of this general topic for publication in the April focus.  To the extent possible, the emphasis should be on sharing best practices and creative solutions to these challenges.

Kindly send submissions to FSJ Editor Steve Honley at honley@afsa.org, giving your e-mail a subject line such as “For April 2012 FSJ” or “RE: FS Family Member Employment,” and include contact information.

IMPORTANT: All contributors will be identified by name unless they specify they are writing on background (i.e., not for attribution). Tues., Jan. 31, is the deadline for all input, including  comments for Shawn Zeller’s use, due to our lead time for Editorial Board review, editing and production.  However, we would appreciate receiving contributions as soon as possible.  All materials are subject to editing for content, style, length and format.  Also, please note that we cannot promise to use all items, though we will make every effort. Questions?  Contact Steve at honley@afsa.org or (202) 944-5511.  Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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