The Newtster’s Pick for Secretary of State Endorses the Mittster

Secretary Rice announces the nomination of Joh...Image via WikipediaRemember last December when I blogged about Newt Gingrich’s pick for Secretary of State? He told some crowd that he would appoint former United Nations Representative John Bolton as his Secretary of State.

But Ambassador Bolton had somebody else in mind. On January 11, Ambassador Bolton announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney on Fox News’ “On the Record” with Greta van Susteren. He called the Mittster “the person who can best lead the party, best articulate our conservative principles, and is most likely to beat Barack Obama.”

What took you so long, John B.? Iowa by eight votes? Check.  NH by 39.3%? Check. A 32% projected vote range in the Palmetto state? 

WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin may have the answer:

“I spoke to former U.N. ambassador John Bolton this morning about his endorsement last night of Mitt Romney. He said he has been contemplating for some time whether to endorse a GOP candidate. “I just thought you oughta decide at some point,” he said. He said it was critical that he back someone who could beat President Obama. “I do think Governor Romney is the best candidate to defeat Obama. Jim Baker [former secretary of Treasury and state] gave me some great advice: ‘Keep your eye on the prize.’ ”

By Friday the 13th, the former U.N. ambassador has showed that can be one of the Mittster’s fiercest attack dogs of President Obama’s foreign policy. Via CBS:

“He’s not only the most radical president in history domestically; he is the first president, Republican or Democrat, at least since Franklin Roosevelt, who didn’t get up every morning thinking first about what threats the United States faces. […] He just doesn’t care about national security the way other presidents did,”  Bolton said of President Obama to an audience (in Hilton Head, South Carolina).

Keeping his eye on the prize, no doubt. Maybe he’ll be able to parachute to Foggy Bottom from a Romney plane …