U.S. Consulate General Basra: "Dangerously Exposed" but Under Iraqi Protection

Ted Koppel recently had a piece on our “exit” from Iraq for NBC’s Rock Center.  In an interview with NPR, Ted Koppel noted that  all our troops will
soon be out “save 157 who will be guarding the embassy, and a few
hundred U.S. military trainers.”

In his interview with Ambassador Jeffrey, Ted Koppel  asked the
ambassador what happens if our folks there come under direct attack. 
The ambassador responded that this is the responsibility of the Iraqi
government.  When pushed if he was confident that the Iraqis would
respond, Ambassador Jeffrey said “yes.” Of course, can we really expect
our ambassador there to say “no” on teevee? I am having a really bad tummy ache over this.

I posted the opening of U.S. Consulate General in Basra in this blog last July. The clip below talks about ConGen Basra with 1320 people (apparently also known as Fort Apache), which is rocketed two or three times a week. Also piece here on Shalamcha, Iraq’s southern border crossing into Iran, a stone throw from Basra:


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