US Mission Pakistan Warns Amcits Against Possible Retaliation After Cross-Border ISAF Incident

ISAF Logo                            Image via WikipediaOn November 26, the US Embassy in Islamabad posted the following alert to U.S. citizens in Pakistan regarding Saturday’s cross-border ISAF incident which reportedly left at least 24 Pakistani soldiers dead and 14 injured.

“The U.S. Mission is alerting all U.S. citizens residing in Pakistan to be especially vigilant in their personal security, and against possible retaliation, in the aftermath of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) cross-border incident that occurred the morning of Saturday, November 26.  Although the U.S. Mission is not aware of any specific threats or demonstrations at this time, the Embassy in Islamabad is advising U.S. government employees to minimize non-essential travel, and to utilize “buddy systems” to account for colleagues’ whereabouts.  In addition, some U.S. government personnel assigned outside of Islamabad are being recalled to the capital as a precaution.  The U.S. Mission urges all U.S. citizens to maintain vigilant situational awareness; to avoid crowds and demonstrations; to keep a low profile; and to be unpredictable, i.e. by varying the times and routes of all movements.  It is particularly important to verify that travel documents and visas remain valid.”