ConGen Quebec: CG Peter O’Donohue Visits Nunavut

Do you know where Nunavut is?  I didn’t. I had to look up the place. It turns out Nunavut comprises a major portion of Northern Canada, and most of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.  It is both the least populous and the largest in geography of the provinces and territories of Canada. One of the most remote, sparsely settled regions in the world, it has an estimated population of over 33,000, mostly Inuit, spread over an area the size of Western Europe.

Well, our Consul General in Quebec checked out Nunavut in September. It looks beautiful and brrrr …… Photos below from post’s photostream on Flickr:

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Photos from ConGen Quebec/Flickr

Via ConGen Quebec:

CG Peter O’Donohue and his wife Mary Linklater recently met with the Premier of Nunavut Eva Aariak at her Iqaluit office. They traveled to the Arctic Territory of Nunavut September 23 to 30, paying official calls in the capital of Iqaluit and also visiting the Baffin Island communities of Pangnirtung and Pond Inlet. Several hundred people attended the Nunavut Trade Show where a wide range of exhibits showcased the territory’s vast potential in the areas of minerals, oil and gas, fisheries, tourism, infrastructure and communications. Opportunities to do business in the territory are tremendous given its extremely rich potential in iron-ore, gold, diamonds, and many other rare minerals.

During stops in Pangnirtung and Pond Inlet, CG met with a wide variety of local officials, entrepreneurs, school administrators, workers, managers of a world renowned art workshop and a fish processing plant. Both hamlets are sited in extraordinary beautiful landscapes and each serves as a Parks Canada headquarters for an adjacent wilderness park (the Auyuittuq Park in Pangnirtung and the Sirmilik Park in Pond Inlet). As if on cue, a pod of five rare bowhead whales appeared in the Pangnirtung fjord during their visit.