Former SecState Condi Rice’s Comedy Hour – Everywhere Including The Daily Show

It’s been hard blogging the last couple of days.  There doesn’t seem to be any peace and quiet from the Greece debt crisis, the Herman Cain crisis, the defund UN crisis, the population crisis (there are now officially 7 billion of us, did you hear that?), less than 30-days Super Committee crisis, and all the other -isis. So I went and look up Jon Stewart for some laughs. And what do I get, Condi Rice at her finest! 

Yes, too bad, Jon Stewart did not invite Peter Van Buren for a tandem show on Iraq. That would have been spectacular.

More here:

I went to Foreign Policy for some serious reading and she’s there too! Heeeelp! She’s everywhere – saying things like “Leading from behind” is an oxymoron.  And that “We never expected to leave Iraq in 2011.

Can we please fast forward to Bob Gates future book already?  Why? Because at least, he doesn’t give me a WMD headache as much as this one.