PRT Laghman Inspects Projects from Air Due to "Unforgiving Terrain" and "Known Insurgent Activity"

According to its FB page, PRT Laghman which was founded in 2006 “executes counterinsurgency operations in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and International Security Assistance Forces in Laghman Province, Afghanistan in order to assist the Laghman Provincial and District governments in securing the pop.”

The PRT brings a wide variety of capabilities and skills to the fight; ranging from engineers, civil affairs experts, vehicle maintainers, medical personnel, administrative support and security forces. The team is aligned to support the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the provincial level.

Laghman Province, made up of six districts, is approximately the size of Rhode Island. The terrain is mostly mountainous, with three rivers forming a “Y” providing the main geographical features of the area.

Methar Lam, the capital city, sits at the confluence of the rivers – the middle of the “Y”, and this is where the PRT’s Forward Operating Base (FOB) is located.

The PRT’s media outreach is handled by the RC-East Public Affairs team. The team assists with “the free and open reporting by the media through engagement with international, regional and local media in a planned, timely and accurate manner. Media opportunities, embeds, and interviews will be conducted wherever appropriate within the rules of operational security.” [See RC-EAST PAO | Email: | DSN: 318-431-4356]

The RC-East PA team recently posted in its blog about PRT Laghman’s participation in air recon.  Some photos below:

So — 10 years of war, and five years since the inception of this specific PRT and our PRT folks have to conduct their inspection of schools and roads (both presumably USG funded) by air because of the “unforgiving terrain” and “known insurgent activity in the area.”

I’m really not sure if the inspection is to see how the projects are having an impact on Afghan residents from the air or is it simply to check which projects have not yet been blown up?

There are good, rational reasons why aerial surveys bother greatly the Kabul Hipster of Hamsters on the Titanic. Read more here.