Facts Are Strictly Optional, destroying civilization since 1997 is back to do some more destruction

Michel of Facts Are Strictly Optional, one of our favorite bloggers came back to the blogosphere this week to our utter delight (thanks J. for the heads-up!).  Welcome back, girl!

According to M, her blog appears to be “EXTREMELY helpful to a lotta people’s college papers,” Chinese readers, and escort services. I’m sure they are all pleased that she is not missing in action anymore.  But apparently, there are others, especially those with quite a limited reading fare, who are simply just upset about her online presence (excerpt below with the author’s permission):

One commenter, “Zack” is dismayed that I could potentially really be a USG employee representing the U.S. of A abroad — in fact, he is disgusted that our government would let me work in it’s hallowed ranks and can see why our government and the whole country is basically a mess.  Although Zack has a point, I would just like to note that if Zack thinks this blog is what is wrong with our government and our country, I really have to recommend he branch out and do some other reading.  However, after thinking about it for a while, I realized that Zack is right.  This blog  IS exactly why our country is a mess and our foreign policy is a total disaster.  Zack is right.  It was me.  I have thought up every bad decision this country has ever made since 1997.  My bad.  Sorry America.

“Facts are Strictly Optional – destroying civilization since 1997″was a tag line created by one of the blog’s followers. Makes for a great post title, too, so we borrowed and tweak it, sort of. Anyway, give her a visit here and help us welcome her back.