US Embassy Kabul: Not Safe Even Inside the Bunker; One Amcit Killed, One Wounded by Afghan Employee

US Embassy Kabul Statement on the September 25 Evening Shooting Incident at an Embassy Annex:

“There was a shooting incident at an annex of U.S. Embassy Kabul in the evening of September 25.  The lone gunman, an Afghan employee, was killed.  The motivation for the attack is still under investigation. One U.S. citizen was killed and one wounded, who was evacuated to a military hospital with non-life threatening injuries. We mourn the loss of life in the incident, and express our heartfelt condolences to the families. The Embassy has resumed business operations.”

CSMonitor has more on this attack:

“Sunday’s shooting could be of particular significance as it took place inside an area of the Embassy known to be used by the Central Intelligence Agency. It may also be the first time an Afghan working with a Western civilian organization killed his counterparts.

US officials have remained exceptionally tight-lipped about the incident, likely due to its potential link with the CIA. Intelligence officials have yet to offer any public comments and the Embassy issued only a brief statement confirming the shooting and saying, “The lone gunman, an Afghan employee, was killed. The motivation for the attack is still under investigation.”

Hamsters on the Titanic (
Sure the deck’s slanting, but this wheel is fun!) in And then they tried to blow up the CIA writes:

And it is on like Donkey Kong. Well, probably no more “on” than it was before insurgents apparently tried to blow up the Ariana Hotel, used by the CIA in Kabul. There was some gunfire in my neighborhood last night, which was probably related to a reported attempt by President Karzai to visit Rabbani’s home to pay final respects.

I don’t know if that gunfire was any kind of attack, or the ANSF
attempting to disperse some kind of crowd, or what, but it doesn’t
appear that there was an attack in my particular piece of the Kabul
landscape. What did actually happen no one actually knows, since it all
took place within the the confines of the Ariana.
Since the CIA compound is definitely a no-go zone for ANSF, they
weren’t involved…at all. In fact, Afghan officials made that very clear
to reporters last night, that they had no idea what was going on, and
that reporters should ask ISAF. When ISAF was asked, they also said they
had no idea, and that folks should contact the ANSF. Since no one’s
involved, it has to be OGA. Still, great use of social media by NTM-A to


“The insurgency has been turned back… and Afghan National Security Forces are increasingly strong and capable.

Gotta love that social media.

All I can say is if that lone gunman was a locally engaged staff (know as LES or more kindly, as Foreign Service Nationals), that is a scary thought.  That means even the bunker is no longer safe.  It may have an impact on job creation in US diplomatic and consular posts in Afghanistan.

And if that lone gunman was a locally engaged staff but was not a guard, this would even be more troubling, as how did he managed to get a weapon inside an annex that is presumably well-guarded given its purported occupants.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought all the local hire staff in Afghanistan already get a polygraph as part of their employment package. Of course, it’s not like a poly is as good as the precogs of Minority Report.

More scary thoughts about the bunker, I’m going to have nightmares tonight.