Another Day, Another FS Blog Gone Dark – Goodbye SassAndSweet (^ _ ^)

She never wrote anything remotely controversial, but now she’s gone. I imagine that like most Foreign Service bloggers, she took to blogging because she enjoyed it, and it is a great way to keep family and friends informed of the goings on in her overseas life. Also, I would not at all be surprise if an added part of the attraction is the sense of family and community that most bloggers get from this Foreign Service group. 

Unfortunately, she’s not the first one to disappear and she most certainly will not be the last. The blogosphere usually knows the who and what but never the why.  I hope this is not a prelude of things to come in “The Disappeared” on HD (as in Handling Directive for bloggers).  Presumably there is a story behind the blog disappearance but her story is hers to tell.

I’m saying goodbye — jeez, as Yogi Berra said, it’s like deja-vu, all over again!

Goodbye SassAndSweet. I will miss your presence online, sniff. Take care wherever your journey takes you.