US Congress on Super Stoopid Ride: Saving $16 Million at a Cost of $364 Million

As if the debt ceiling theater was not badly scripted and terribly acted enough. 

Congress went on vacay even as the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration deactivated some 74,000 employees (FAA, construction workers, etc) and resulted in a loss to the U.S. Treasury of some $30 million a day.

The CSMonitor reports on the newly announced deal that is good until next month when Congress returns to do a cha-cha:

Funding for the FAA expired on July 23, following nearly four years of short-term extensions. Both the House and the Senate have passed long-term FAA funding bills that clashed on partisan and parochial issues, such as rules that make it tougher to organize unions and subsidies to rural airports.

Since members of the House have already left town, the deal involves the Senate’s passing of a House measure extending funding for the FAA through Sept. 16, in a vote expected on Friday. The agreement also frees up $2.5 billion in federal grants for delayed construction projects. Congress will return to the outstanding issues in September.

Well, that’s dumb, okay, but here is what’s even more stupid, as stupid does it in Washington, D.C. Congress was trying to save money by defunding rural airports at the tune of $16 million. Funding for FAA expired on July 23, at a cost of some $30 million a day in lost revenue to the U.S. Treasury. So our elected representatives in Congress, so wise and smart managed to saved $16 million at a cost of $364 million in lost fees in the last couple of weeks.

In what other universe is this type of stupidity acceptable?

Dear U.S. Congress, the Chinese are falling off their chairs laughing at all of us, and why not?!  With this kind of elected representatives, what else can possibly go wrong?