US Mission Afghanistan: Job Creation Surge Over There

Via US Mission Afghanistan jobs page: “These positions are currently open for local applications. If you are interested in positions for American, Click Here” (Note: “Click Here” is a dead link on the embassy’s website)

  • Political Assistant (FSN-8)                                                  
    Position is based in Rodat            
    Deadline Date: August 14 , 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-051
  • Maid/Housekeeper     
    (Note: this links to a requisition for a standard single box spring, don’t ask me why)       
    Deadline Date: August 11 , 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-149
  • Translator (FSN-07)                                                                 
    Based In Nangarhar province              
    Deadline Date: August 8 , 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-071
  • Translator/Interpreter (FSN-07)                                              
    Based In Shinwar              
    Deadline Date: August 8 , 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-056
  • Security Investigator (FSN-08)                                              
    Deadline Date: August 7 , 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-152
  • Political Assistant (FSN-08)                                                      
    Based In Badghis Province-Qalai Naw            
    Deadline Date: August 1 , 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-113
  • Political Assistant (FSN-08)                                                      
    Based In in Arghandab District of Kandahar Province            
    Deadline Date: August 1, 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-148
  • Public Diplomacy Assistant (FSN-8)                                              
    Based In in Herat Province            
    Deadline Date: July 31, 2011
    Announcement Number: 11-145
  • Physician (FSN-8)Deadline Date: Open till filled
    Announcement Number: 11-111
    Position is based in Herat province
  • Telephone/Radio/TV Technician (FSN-07)
    Position is based in Herat province
    Deadline Date: Open till filled  
    Announcement Number: 11-027

POL assistants and translator jobs have the following heads-up:

“The duty position will be served under austere conditions with limited comforts. Individual will participate in both mounted and dismounted patrols. The possibility of hostile fire, both direct and indirect exists, as well as the potential exposure to IEDs. Movement over rough terrain for distances up to 8 km or more on foot is possible. Movement by aircraft is common. Movement outside the ISAF base is frequent. Individual may be required to wear body armor and carry additional personal gear for extended periods of time in varied weather conditions, from extreme heat to extreme cold.”

Here’s a heads up to you, too, if you’re heading to Herat. The embassy is also looking to hire a local physician at FSN-8, who will not only provide primary health care, but also lab work, pharmacy and inventory control. Seriously.

“The incumbent serves as a part-time Physician for the U.S. Consulate, Herat, providing primary health care. The incumbent is responsible for medical care of patients, both local employees injured on the job and American who are authorized to utilize the health unit; reviews the pre-employment physicals for locally for new employees; performing laboratory tests and maintaining lab equipment; Training local staff in medical response; Other duties as assigned, including pharmacy and inventory control.”

None of the job announcements above include salary information.  The 40 hour/week job at FSN-8 pays approximately $26,735 USD p.a. for ordinary residents (locals, legal residents). FSN-8 is more or less equivalent to the FP-6 band for “Not-Ordinarily Resident” (NOR) employees, which pays $44,737 USD p.a.

In 2010, Asia Times reported that the average income of Afghan workers has jumped to $426 a year from $70 since 2004.

So if you’re an average Afghan worker, it would take you 62 years to earn as much as a local US embassy worker would earn in a year.