U.S. Mission India: Ambassador Tim Roemer Says Goodbye

Ambassador Roemer’s Farewell Statement on June 30, 2011:

“Before arriving in India, President Obama directed me to meet as many of the Indian people as possible.  I met with people from all walks of life, from government officials and businessmen to professors and community leaders.  Nobody, however inspired me as much as the children of India, who with their enthusiasm and optimism always filled me with great hope.  It’s my pleasure to stand with them today at this beautiful monument to India’s history, and to look forward with them to the bright future that awaits the great U.S.-India partnership.”

“As I look back on the two years in which I had the honor to serve as U.S. Ambassador to India, the U.S.-India friendship has evolved into a strategic, global partnership, one that President Obama has described as the ‘defining partnership of the 21st century.’ The U.S. and India have long shared core values such as democracy and liberty, but now, in defense and counter-terrorism cooperation, in the ever-growing business collaborations and opportunities in both countries, and in the thousands of person-to-person exchanges between our peoples that take place every day, we are building the foundations and framework for this 21st century democratic partnership.  I’m happy to have played a part in this incredible story, and I will always celebrate that story with the great people of India.”

Below Ambassador  Roemer interacts with students from Delhi schools and ACCESS English language Programs at India Gate. Ambassador Roemer also spoke to them about the importance of education and collaboration between the United States and India.

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Photos from US Embassy New Delhi/Flickr

Some of our favorite photos of Ambassador Roemer learning to use the spinning wheel in Sabarmati Ashram during a visit to Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Photos from US Embassy New Delhi/Flickr

Ambassador Roemer did not get to shake a billion hands but he left post trying. He has also traveled to over two dozen places in India, hosted high level visitors too many to count, and got to wear all sorts of colorful headdresses and garlands. I hope his successor is as energetic and as photo friendly!

US Embassy Delhi Photo
from Roaming Roemer’s blog