It’s Me Kristie: Ambassador Kenney Returns with a Photo Blog

Ambassador Kristie Kenney then the US Ambassador to the Philippines was one of the early adopters of social media among chiefs of missions. In addition to the social media platforms used by the embassy in Manila, she had an official blog carried by, and her own Twitter account with some 18,000 followers. Read more here from prior posts.

She was nominated and confirmed quickly for her third ambassadorial post and was shipped to her new assignment as chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. While our attention was riveted elsewhere, she has started a personal photo blog, “It’s Me Kristie.”  The blog, which is in Tumblr is partly managed by the Social Media Team of US Embassy Bangkok. The mission also uses the following for its public outreach:

Twitter: @USEmbassyBKK
YouTube: USEmbassyBangkok Channel
The embassy’s YouTube channel is #3 in the EAP region in terms of subscribers, its Facebook page is #6 in followers in the EAP region, and the official embassy Twitter account is #5 worldwide among State Department Twitter accounts. The embassy appears to have ditched, at least for now its Flickr account, which is disappointing.  Of course, we have Ambassador Kenney’s photo blog except that we can’t put together an easier slideshow as we would have had they stayed in Flickr.

In any case, some photos below of Ambassador Kenney (rumored to be under consideration as the next Assistant Secretary for WHA) — straight from the “city of angels”…. (all photos/captions from the ambo’s blog; used with permission):

During an interview with ASEAN TV, we talked about US engagement with ASEAN, how a unified ASEAN market will be attractive to investors and how the US can work with ASEAN countries to build capacity to respond to natural disasters.
Embassy Bangkok is lucky to have a group of great volunteers to help with our community and charity events. Some are people who work at the Embassy, some are married to Embassy staff. Today we had coffee and muffins to thank this great crowd for being such super volunteers!
At lunchtime, many US Embassy Bangkok staff step outside to buy food from local sellers on the nearby streets. From fresh fruit to cooked dishes, there is lots of good Thai food for everyone. In this picture, we are getting food to bring back to the office to share. All those bags aren’t just for me to eat!

The perfect Memorial Day photo. While visiting Bangkok, Senator John McCain
(a decorated US veteran and a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee)
pauses for a photo with our Embassy Marines.
Ford Motor Company is building a new state-of-the-art vehicle manufacturing plant in Thailand. Ford execs gave me a tour of the new environmentally friendly plant. It will open next year and will support 11,000 direct and indirect jobs in Thailand.

Posing in Issan costumes after the charming hosts from
Phuying Teung Phuying taught me a traditional Thai dance

I spent hours at Mae La refugee camp while visiting Mae Sot. I met humanitarian workers who provide services from food distribution to rehab for the handicapped. The United States provides more than $40 million each year for the 150,000 (mostly Burmese) who live in refugee camps in Thailand.