If you’re in Shanghai, by all means go visit the Embassy of Scotch Whisky Culture

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JOHNNIE WALKER®, the world’s best-selling brand of Scotch whisky, opened The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ in Shanghai’s Sinan Mansions on May 19, 2011. The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ is the first of its kind outside of Scotland and marks a new chapter for whisky culture in China. Interactive sensory journeys, inspirational forums and luxury dinners make this house a unique experience for every guest.

“When we talk to people about blending, we don’t lecture or talk at them. We like people to gather round and have what we call a whisky conversation,” says the JOHNNIE WALKER® Master Blender, Dr Jim Beveridge. “The House is inspired by the ‘Whisky Conversation’, and is the first whisky embassy in China creating a new milestone for whisky culture and marking a new chapter in the epic JOHNNIE WALKER® story.”

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