Another Week, Another Resignation: Middle East Envoy George Mitchell Resigns Effective May 20

Sen. George Mitchell                               Image via WikipediaFrom Middle East Envoy George Mitchell’s resignation letter addressed to President Obama dated April 6, 2011:

Dear Mr. President:

When I accepted your request to serve as U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace my intention was to serve for two years. More than two years having passed I hereby resign, effective May 20, 2011. I trust this will provide sufficient time for an effective transition.

I strongly support your vision of comprehensive peace in the Middle East and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your administration. It has been an honor for me to again serve our country.

The Mitchell resignation letter was posted on the White House website, as well as the statements of appreciation from President Obama and Secretary Clinton:

President Obama:

George told me when he took this job that he would put in a couple of years, and I’m so glad he did. He is – by any measure – one of the finest public servants that our nation has ever had. Even though he already had an extraordinary legacy – serving the people of Maine, leading the Senate, and bringing peace to Northern Ireland – he took on the toughest job imaginable and worked grueling hours to advance the interests of the United States and the cause of peace.

As he returns to his family, George leaves behind a proud legacy of dedicated public service and the country owes him a debt of gratitude for his extraordinary commitment.

Secretary Clinton:

It has been an honor to work alongside Senator Mitchell over the past two years.  He represents the best traditions of American diplomacy.  Throughout George’s distinguished career he has taken on the hardest challenges with determination, talent and old fashioned Maine common sense.  From the Senate to Northern Ireland to the State Department, his work has brought peace and increasing prosperity to millions of people around the world and made our own country stronger and more secure.

Read the full statement here.