US Embassy Baku: Can your ambassador jump like this?

We are a sucker for uncommon photos of our public officials.  The one below, a couple months late is of US Ambassador Matt Bryza during the Novruz Bayramı in Azerbaijan.

Ambassador Matt Bryza
Photo from US Embassy Baku/FB

The event was held at the ambassador’s residence on the occasion of Nowruz holiday, a spring celebration also called Nowruz Bayramı (presumably pronounced as you would in Türkçe). The ambassador gave a speech and congratulated Azerbaijani nation on the occasion of Nowruz Holiday. The ambassador and guests then jumped over a bonfire and made their wishes.

Now, my question is — can your ambassador jump over a bonfire like this and look like he or she is having the time of his/her life?  Note to aspiring ambassadors — there’s more to being an ambassador than just jaw-jaw, okay?