In Pakistan, Bin Laden Questions and the Emperors’ Clothes

Image via WikipediaCyril Almeida writes about the emperors’ clothes in Pakistan in light of the embarrassing Bin Laden affair. Excerpts below from

Nobody has come out and said it openly yet. It’s too early, the story still unfolding. Ask the question in private, though, and with hand on heart, no one will say anything but, yes, they knew he was there.

Some do try and clutch at straws. Maybe they didn’t know. Maybe they’re so daft they didn’t really take this whole business of pursuing Al Qaeda seriously. Maybe they just didn’t think it was their problem.

But those voices, unconvinced by their own words, quickly trail off … They knew. They knew he was there.

It’s too frightening to make sense of. The world’s most-wanted terrorist. A man who triggered the longest war in American history. The terrorist mastermind the world’s only superpower has moved heaven and earth to track down. A decade of hunting. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent. The blood of countless Americans and others spilled.

And when he was finally found, he was found wrapped in the bosom of the Pakistani security establishment.

Away from the bleatings of the ghairat brigade — the paranoid schizophrenics marching this country into the abyss — the shock is profound. Grim questions are etched on anxious faces, but so is fear of the answers.

Proud men and women, people who love and serve their country, have cried as they connect yet another dot in the horrifying trajectory this country is on. If we didn’t know, we are a failed state; if we did know, we are a rogue state. But does anybody really believe they didn’t know?

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In related news, Al Qaeda apparently has vowed to take revenge over the death of OBL. And that is news why? They have vowed to attack the US and US interests prior to OBL’s death, now that he is dead, they vowed to attack us also.  Can’t catch a break with these guys carrying lots of vows. They’ll attack the United States if they have the opportunity even if their sole reason was breaking a freakin’ dirty finger nail!