U.S. Ambassador to India Tim Roemer Announces Resignation

The following press release is from US Mission India dated April 28, 2011. We have inserted a slideshow of Ambassador Roemer celebrating Holi in New Delhi:

NEW DELHI — U.S. Ambassador to India Timothy J. Roemer today announced his resignation from the post of Ambassador to the Republic of India, to be effective at the pleasure of the President.  Ambassador Roemer is expected to leave India in June.

Ambassador Roemer’s departure is for personal, professional, and family considerations. “When I accepted this job two years ago, I told President Obama that I would serve for two years but that family considerations would be front and center after that,” said Ambassador Roemer.  The Ambassador noted that he has two sons who will be leaving for college in the next 14 months and he would like his parents and in-laws to be able to spend more time with his children.  He also stated that he had accomplished all of the strategic objectives set forth two years ago.

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Ambassador Roemer said:  “For me and for my entire family, the past two years have been a time of incredible experiences, warm friendships, and meaningful partnerships.  The U.S.-India relationship — what my friend President Obama calls the defining partnership of the 21st century – has progressed to the global stage.  I am very proud to have led the team responsible for deepening and broadening the strategic partnership of this critical bilateral relationship, which is one of the cornerstones of our foreign policy. 

The U.S. India relationship is on a positive historic trajectory towards a global partnership that is changing the way our two nations create economic opportunity for our citizens, educating the leaders of tomorrow, and ensuring safe and secure communities.  The horizons of our relationship truly know no limits. 

The relationship has been further strengthened by the landmark 2009 visit and White House dinner honoring PM Singh to the history making trip by President Obama to India in 2010. President Obama committed America’s support to India for a permanent UN Security Council seat and removed nine Indian companies from the entities list.  We have entered into a strategic dialogue on Afghanistan and a new joint economic partnership for capacity building.

I am proud to have worked with the Government of India to sign the Counterterrorism Cooperation Initiative providing groundbreaking joint US-India work on mega-city policing, forensic lab training, intelligence sharing, and sharing best government-wide practices.

During my tenure as Ambassador, the U.S. – India defense partnership has expanded exponentially.  The sale of C130J aircraft and the pending sale of C-17s strengthen the strategic partnership between our two countries, and demonstrates our enduring commitment to sharing the world’s best technology with India.  Our defense partnership offers economic benefits for both India and the United States and significant job creation in both countries. 

Our joint commitment to conserve and protect the resources of the planet as global partners is evident in our joint efforts to identify and highlight practical, affordable green technologies.  In years to come, U.S. and Indian scientists will work collaboratively in new ways to address water security, weather predictions, renewable energy, and climate change challenges because of partnerships created during the Obama Administration.  The Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative provides more opportunities for faculty exchanges, academic staff development, and university partnerships.

Ultimately, the people-to-people ties are the backbone of our partnership.  As Ambassador, I had the chance to travel with my family to all corners of this incredible and beautiful country.  Whether I was playing basketball with Muslim girls in Lucknow, seeing the majestic tiger in Ranthambore, or observing the “aarti” on the banks of the mighty Ganga in Varanasi, I personally viewed how common values and common interests bind our two great democracies together more strongly every day.

As Gandhiji said, ‘a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.’  India has opened the doors of its schools, communities, and hearts to my family.  We will leave with full and grateful hearts for the many wonderful people who have welcomed us.  We came here as diplomats and we leave feeling part of a family.”