So you want to become an ambassador?

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What Courses Do I Have to Take to Become an Ambassador?
Posted on Apr 13, 2011

i went to apply for college classes starting in Jan. a worker thier told me to start of with Liberal Arts and then transfer to a four year college, where i will start as a Jr. (they have a contract with the school i’m going to transfer to). but basically i would like to finally become an ambassador. can someone help me in the direction i have to go. i’m thinking Humanites, but i’m not sure if that is how to go about it. try to be specfic please.

Thank you in advance to Everyone.

Here’s the very best response from the same site:

Ambassador? Wouldn’t you want to know what the title means? Or what’s in the job description?

Of course, the title is up for purchase in the oldest of political traditions. Merely give a prodigious sum (start with 6 figures), or more accurately, arrange to “bundle” a like sum. Party matters not, though a degree of loyalty is appreciated. Automobile dealers have a healthy track record, especially under GOP presidencies. Democrats tend to favor trial lawyers and investment bankers. Yes, the career aservice is an option, but the decades needed to climb the ladder would be better applied to making money and writing checks to the right people.

Now, if you’re interested in service to country, that’s a different matter.

Not to scare you off to making gazillions of money or anything  — but something to be said about dying as a midlevel Washington bureaucrat … since not everyone will get to become a career ambassador …