New Word of the Day: Greater Georgebushistan

Iraqi police officers undergoing firearms trai...Image via Wikipedia

“Meanwhile, in Greater Georgebushistan (Baghdad), public demonstrations have been banned, and the government has suppressed crowds with tear gas and water cannons. The Iraqi police drive HUMVEES and wear uniforms strikingly similar to our own. Which country could possibly be providing them with such tools of control? (Jeopardy Hint: What is Not Iran.)”

A new word to add to your danger post vocabulary of Ickystan, Carjakistan, Paranoidistan ….

Meanwhile, as the US military prepares to pull back and the State Department takes on the responsibility not just in GG but in the entire country, Mazin al-Nazeni, the militant leader in Basra, Iraq’s second largest city, considers all Americans, soldiers, diplomats, oilmen to be Enemy No. 1. Read more here.