State Dept Shutdown Details: What Overseas Operations Will Continue? Which Posts Will Remain at 100% Staffing?

AFSA has posted a three-part cable issued by the State Department in preparation for operations in the event of a shutdown. Below are excerpts from STATE 00031768 posted in AFSA’s website. The cable outlines which operations are expected to continue and which posts are expected to be staffed at 100% even in a shutdown:

ii. In broad summary, the following describes the types of Department of State operations abroad, among others, that we expect will be continued in the event of a lapse in appropriations:

  • Diplomatic reporting, involving most bilateral and multilateral issues, arms control issues, and “crisis countries” will require nearly 100% staffing which is necessary to support this essential function to our nation’s security.

  • In the consular area, American citizens’ services, emergency visa services (e.g., those for life/death or medical emergencies, humanitarian cases involving minor children, and diplomatic travel) would continue. Basic visa issuance would be severely curtailed.

  • Regional medical centers providing life-supporting medical care would be staffed at between 90% and 100%.

  • Refugee assistance, narcotics interdiction, and repatriation loan programs would continue at nearly 100%.

  • Staffing for Administrative functions would be reduced somewhat, as a direct result of reduced numbers of staff (both Department of State and other U.S. Government agencies) requiring support. However, all security and medical functions would be performed, as would most communications functions. MEDEVACs would continue, as required. General services, financial services, and personnel functions would be curtailed by and large.

  • Support for travel, by the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and other Cabinet-level officials, as well as international conferences’ negotiators. Participation in major international fora such as the U.N. must be fully staffed.

  • Given the extreme nature of events, certain posts will be at 100% staffing, including Baghdad, Cairo, Islamabad, Kabul, Sana’a, Tokyo, Tunis, Valetta, and Yamoussoukro.

  • We will maintain full Marine Security Groups, continue drug interdiction and law enforcement functions, and continue criminal investigations.

Via AFSA | Guidance from the State Department Regarding Possible 2011 Shutdown