Govt Shutdown Down the Wire, AFSA Rally on April 8 to Protest Shutdown

AFSA will hold a rally at the Edward J Kelly Park near the 21st Street Entrance of the State Department on Friday April 8, 2011, at noon. The theme will be “Let Us Serve America!”

AFSA says this is an opportunity to turn out and help AFSA protest the Federal government shutdown.

AFSA has also put together a Shutdown Information Center here

It cautions its members:  “Lessons learned from the shutdowns in the 1990s indicate that most problems were financial in nature.  Members who do not have overdraft privileges or lines of credit with their banks may want to set them  up as a precaution.  Remember that if you have a mortgage that is paid automatically, you need to have sufficient funds in your account to cover your mortgage payment.”

If talks break down in Congress, the nth continuing resolution would end midnight of April 8. If Congress gets a weekend break, we may not know if OMB sends out the shutdown notice on the weekend or Monday morning.  There are overseas posts whose work week includes the weekend, by the way.  I understand that it would also take about 3 hours to actually pull down the plug for the various agencies.

Some reading materials related to the shutdown are listed below. Note the most are guidance provided in the 1995 shutdown which may not be exactly the same for the forthcoming shutdown:

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