Diplopundit Responds to Blog Take Down Notice from Tiger Boss

After mulling around for ten hours and consulting with our supporters at EOP, SCOTUS, SFRC, DOS, DZZZ, EPA and other benefactors we are not at liberty to share, below is our official response to the blog take down notice received earlier today.


TO:  The Director
     Office of Professional Responsibility
     in Participatory Media (PR/PM)

FROM: Domani Spero

SUBJECT: Diplopundit Blog

Thank you for your email concerning the runaway blog, Diplopundit. Although I am unable to confirm or deny ownership of that specific blog, I think the author(s) should appreciate all compliments, even backhanded ones. That said, if I were the blog owner and ….not saying I am, but if I were, just speculating here….where was I?

Oh, and if I were an FSO, I probably would like to know if the position of Team Leader at PRT Tora Bora comes with a wifi connection and a cushy onward assignment with white beaches and tropical fruit drinks.

If I were an EFM, I probably would not respond kindly to being told to “keep busy” but would also appreciate an offer for PRT Tora Bora so I could put my “overqualifications” to good use and up my Social Security credits. 

If I were a consultant, contractor, intern or unemployed writer — I probably would call to hear your offer. Just for fun.  

But what if I’m none of the above — ??

Excuse me, Director, your memo drafter forgot to cover all available options. Please edit and resend the complete offer ASAP.  

Yours truly,

P.S. You are welcome to use my official email address if you can find it in the GAL.  

P.P.S If I don’t bump into you today, Happy April Fool’s Day, to you, too!